Angelo and Sophia

Angelo and Sophia

Marcus & I are the parents of premature twins. Our boys were born 2 months early and they did not have an easy start to life. I am forever in wonder of the perfect little crazy, boisterous, brutus, capable human beings that inhabit my house today, 7 years on. The odds said it should not be this good. So, because we know we are lucky, we do our little bit throughout the year to raise money for projects related to newborn babies and perinatal research. Maybe more people will get to have healthy children like ours.

The day our twins were born at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital I became a “Royal Mum”, one of the thousands of women in the history of Queensland to give birth at “The Royal”. The RBWH Foundation has created a book about Royal Mums documenting the stories of women since the 1930′s that have had babies at their hospital. Volume 2 was launched on Friday with a fabulous morning tea.

We are proud to say that Studio Impressions has been a collaborator on this book. We donated the photography for Volume 1 in 2010, and now we have photographed, Volume 2. This has been an exciting and uplifting project for our little team. We have gotten to meet women of all ages, from all over Queensland and who all have stories that are funny and sad and uplifting and heartwarming. This book is both a story of the experience of women, the creation of generations of Queenslanders, and the story of the history of Brisbane as it describes historic events in our beautiful city through the eyes of new mothers.


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